1. How do I know whether I need to replace my gutters?

At some point in time, most gutters will need to undergo some repairs or need to be replaced, so that your drainage system maintains its integrity. If you notice any cracks or splits in your gutter, you must take note of them, as the smallest of cracks can quickly turn into larger ones, and this can cause the water to damage your gutter.

Orange flecks in your gutter indicate rust, or you may find that the paint in them is peeling; this can mean that your gutter is not removing the water as it should. This can allow other damage to also take place. Pools of water around the gutter or the formation of mildew means that your drainage system is probably clogged. This requires you to take action immediately, as otherwise overflowing gutters could cause substantial damage to the foundation of your home.

Gutters can also pull away from your home, or show signs of sagging, and this means that the weight of the water in them is causing them to be pulled down. This can happen when the downpipes are not properly installed, or if debris is causing a blockage in the pipes.

2. What are the major signs that I must always be on the lookout for?

If your gutter has suffered any damage, these are the signs you may notice;

  •     Gutter sags across the roof.
  •     Your steel gutters are showing signs of developing rust.
  •     Water overflows from your gutter.
  •     Your gutter shows water stains.
  •     Gutters start leaking from the corners or from the leaks in them.

3. Is replacing gutters beneficial?

Once you find that your gutters are showing signs of rust and other major damage from debris, leaves, and water, you should take action to have them inspected with a view to replace them.

If your gutters are made of steel, you can replace them with aluminum gutters that are rust proof, and they will be much easier to clean. Once you have the right system installed, the water falling on your roof will be channeled away from it effectively. This prevents your home from suffering any extensive damage.

Replacing gutters is important to avoid the damage that water seeping from your roof can cause. These replacements can also be durable while being aesthetically pleasing for its exterior.

4. How much does gutter replacement cost?

The cost of gutter replacement can depend on how big your house is, the number of floors it has, the type of gutters you desire, and your requirements for downpipes.

Our team provide an obligation-free quotation service. They will come to your property and inspect and provide you with a quote. This is the best way to get accurate pricing information.

5. Is my presence necessary when the work is being carried out?

Ideally, we would like you to be at home while we carry out the work so that you can answer any questions that we have regarding any specific problems that we may encounter.

There are times when we may need to move some of your things so that we can access the areas that we need to work on, or others like an outdoor washing area, vehicles or prams so that we do not get them dirty while we are trying to get access to your house.

However, you do not need to be in the home while we are at work on your roof. We can arrange for all the things that we need before we start work on the project. We can coordinate with you so that we work out the best time for us to complete the job so that your schedule is not interrupted in any way.

6. How can you prevent damage to your gutters?

Clean your gutters at least once every year so that any significant damage is prevented. If, however, your property contains a lot of trees then you may need to clean them out several times a year. This work is best carried out by professionals like us.

We arrange to clean your gutters thoroughly and provide you with other gutter solutions to help you to protect your property from any future potential damage. Our people are qualified and will give you quotes that are competitive so that you get the best solutions for the gutters on your property.

Call us if you have any questions as we are just a phone call away. Contact us on (02) 6171 6119.